Beer And BBQ Can Chicken Recipe

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So it’s been said that a beer can chicken is all hype…and that cooking a chicken without the “beer” is just as good or better. But we’re here to tell you that it’s not true…especially a smoked beer can chicken. We love it and it should be done this over a grill or smoker. Here’s how.


1 3-5 lb amish whole frying chicken, fresh not frozen

1 tbsp of avocado oil

1/2 cup of BBQ spice rub (if you need help with this, try 1/2 cup fo Stubbs Poultry BBQ Rub)

1/2 of an orange

1 can of your favorite beer, we suggest a nice IPA, like a Revolution Anti-Hero IPA, because of the nice citrus notes of the hops that will compliment the orange and the chicken without overwhelming it or you.

1 gallon of brine, or just enough to cover the chicken overnight in a bowl. For this mix 2 tbsp of sugar and 2 tbsp more of salt in gallon of boiling water. Let cool and then set the chicken inside until the water completely covers the chicken and let rest overnight in the fridge.

1 Fancy Beer Can Roaster, to help you stand the chicken on the beer. Don’t worry…you can get one anywhere for about $5. Like this one.

A grill or even better, a smoker.

1 cup of more oil and rub for basting, add a drizzle of beer if you have any left over too.


After the chicken has brined for overnight, or 24 hours, removed from the brine and drive completely. Once dry, cover with oil and rub. Really get in there and make sure the chicken has plenty of spice (use more rub if needed).

Next…let’s get a pan ready. Grab a half sheet alluminum pan and place the can roaster in there. This will help you transport the chicken to the grill or smoker.

Next, crack open a can of the IPA and drink half of it. Go ahead…it’s ok. It’s damn good beer. Once the can is half full, put inside the can roaster, squeeze the juice from the orange inside the can, and place the rest of it on top.

Now comes the best part. Grab that chicken, pull it’s legs apart from the bottom and put it over the can. I looks impossible but believe us, it’s gonna fit. Just do it. I may take some tugging here and there but it will go in.

Next, take the pan with the chicken to the grill or smoker. Place it in the cool side of the grill or middle of the smoker. Try to get it down to about 250 degrees and let it roll for about an 2 hours with the lid closed. Baste it every 30 minutes with the oil and rub to keep it moist and juicy.

Get it to 165 degrees internal temp (in the thigh) and then take it out. The skin should be nice and crispy, and dark, but very flavorful. Don’t lose that! Let rest for covered in foil off the heat for about 15 minutes before cutting into it (i know…it will be tough to wait that long…).

Now you’re ready to cut in. Better careful of the hot can roaster as you take the chicken off the grill or smoker and as you cut into it. Plus, remember that the beer inside the can will be super hot (ouch!).

Take a bite and you’ll see what we mean. Juicy, BBQ, citrus goodness that is delicious. You’ll want to do it again and again. Go ahead…try it tomorrow. It will be worth it. We promise!