The Old Irving Park Beer & BBQ Challenge is the event of the Summer.

We started with a mission - to combine two of the best things we love: Beer & BBQ.  We are a combination of brewers and BBQ pit masters so it was natural for us to put this event together.  The idea was to pair local Chicago breweries like Haymarket and Revolution with pit masters from our own Old Irving Park neighborhood and surrounding area in Chicago.  This isn't just a BBQ festival, or just a Craft Beer event, this is a unique combination of carefully thought thru Beer & BBQ offering.  It's up to you to attend and vote for the best!  Plus, we support a great cause.  All proceeds go to the continued development of the St. Viator Elementary School & Parish in our community.

Our next event is on Saturday, August 5, 2017.

This year will be better than ever.  It will again be held at the parking lot of St Viator Elementary School on Saturday, August 5, from 1-5pm.  We will likely have 20 teams made up of pit masters and local breweries that will vie for your votes.  Plus, we will have celebrity judges take the first tasting and select their favorite teams. See the complete lineup.

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