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The Old Irving Park Beer and BBQ Challenge is Chicago’s ultimate craft beer and BBQ pairing competition.

It’s simple.  We pair talented brewers & pitmasters from the local area to deliver the ultimate Beer and BBQ pairing.  You sample good local craft beer, taste some of the best BBQ in Chicago, and you vote on the best pairing of the two.  

Old Irving Park Beer And BBQ 2017 Paring

Get the full scoop from the players themselves.

See the fun we've had so far.

The ultimate winners are the kids at St Viator Elementary School & Parish in Chicago.

100% of the proceeds go to St Viator.

We've raised nearly $180,000 so far!

The money we've raised will be used to improve facilities & programs that help St Viator and our community in Old Irving Park Chicago.

Beer and BBQ Challenge Old Irving Park Chicago

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